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Quarter Panel Skins for a 68 Road Runner.

Started by cudaken, June 26, 2013, 08:23:20 PM

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Down the road I will need a right quarter skin for my 68 Road Runner. I have one skin I bought from Year 1 I guess around 15 years ago but I never installed it. While the body lines look OK (never tested fitted to see how the wheel arches line up) but was beat up  a little in shipping, guessing 3.5 hours of labor.

I was thinking AMD might be the way to go then I saw this thread.,100518.0.html

I have done three 68 and two 69 Chargers and I know how hard it is to fine a good quarter skin! I use to go to St Louis Auto Panel and hand pick the quarters and still had to work the heck out of the center body line!  :brickwall:

So what do you folks think who would be the best company to buy my 68 Road Runner skin from? 

Looking forward to the answers, Cuda Ken
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Hey Ken,

I have heard good things on the road runner skins from AMD.  The AMD charger skins are still pretty good and in my opinion leaps and bounds ahead of the goodmark panels. Don't be scared because a few people say they are junk..... they are not junk and without them many of us would be screwed.

Here is a thread you can read

here's a guy doing skins on a road runner
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