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Superbirds etc

Started by nascarxx29, May 06, 2014, 09:49:59 AM

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1969 R4 Daytona XX29L9B410772
1970 EV2 Superbird RM23UOA174597
1970 FY1 Superbird RM23UOA166242
1970 EV2 Superbird RM23VOA179697
1968 426 Road Runner RM21J8A134509
1970 Coronet RT WS23UOA224126
1970 Daytona Clone XP29GOG178701


A former employee was charged with..."Malicious Shooting and Wounding"...What in the world is that?  Is that what Elmer-Fudd, or Yosemite Sam are doing?  Sounds more like attempted murder to me, or assault at the very least.....boy have times changed...
1970 Daytona Charger SE "clone" (440/Auto)
1967 Charger (360,6-pak/Auto)
2008 Challenger SRT8 BLK (6.1/Auto) 6050 of 6400

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 :coolgleamA:  interesting reading  , thanks for posting  :cheers:
Feel free to post any relevant picture you think we all might like to see in the threads below!

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