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new vinyl top creases

Started by sean68charger, April 18, 2006, 01:02:19 PM

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i am just about to fit the vinyl top to my charger but i can`t get the creases out of it where it has been in the packaging. i bought it from year one so i think it is a good quality one, anyway it has been lying on the car for 4 days now and they haven`t improved at all, anyone got any tips on getting the creases out or is the top junk?
i have a car show in two weeks and i anm desperate to get the car finished!
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try to get it exposed to the sun a little bit specially before installing BUT anyway, since top is streched for a while you are installing, creases won't be noticed once installed. Also once glued, creases are eliminated with glue all around keeping it attached flat to the roof.

I think also thei website will help you:
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