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Is there correct Dukes of Hazzard 01 magnets?

Started by johnnycharger, March 31, 2019, 10:37:32 PM

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Hi All
Does someone make correct size and shape Dukes of Hazzard 01 magnets for the doors? I don't want to put the vinyls on the car.


I made some for my car years ago.
If you can't find any magnetic ones already made, just order the decals and apply them to some magnetic sheet that you can order from a sign shop. Then you can easily cut the excess magnet off from inside the 0 and around the edge
Gotta love a '69


Be careful though..that stuff scratches a treat....only takes a little dust or a few tiny metal fibres attached to the magnet to mark your paint with the inevitable slight movement and shuffling you get as you drive. We used to have magnetic signs on the cars at my old job..we were always polishing the marks off the paint.
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