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1969 charger 500

Started by Michele, December 29, 2023, 07:33:38 PM

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Looking for a 1969 charger 500 project :o
Ruff is ok no mint cars rust not a problem :2thumbs:
Contact Alain with photos and info
Alain :coolgleamA:


 :shruggy:  So nobody has a 69 500 beat up rusted or in bad shape they want to part with?
We are all getting older :cheers:  I was hoping to reach out and maybe get some crumbs :shruggy:
Did full resto on 68 charger r/t and 70 cuda b5 painted top elastomeric bumper
Just trying to restore my dream Charger :cheers:
Alain platinum 442 4spd A/C :coolgleamA:


I know a guy who is willing to sell his 69 500 project. It was a little more than I could handle, so I passed.  I'm looking for a more complete one.


Let me know is contact information and we will see what we can do :popcrn:
Thanks for the heads up :cheers:
Alain platinum 442 4spd A/C :coolgleamA:


 ;) to sonny85 it would be easier to contact me by my personal email
Looking forward to here from you with your information on the charger 500
Presently finishing a 1970 442 4spd with factory A/C
Refer to post number one :2thumbs:


 :popcrn: Still looking :shruggy:
Alain platinum 442 4spd factory A/C


 :shruggy:  Hi all still looking :wave: Hope is always good :2thumbs:
The ruffer the better :yesnod:
Alain platinum 442 4 Spd factory A/C :shruggy:


I have just retired and pushing 70.  Have owned 2 of the HEMI 500's for 52 years and do not want to discuss 500's with anybody that just discovered that they were once made.
However, I may decide to sell my second one. Sold new in Boston and raced at New England Dragway in SS/EA trim.
I do not have the original engine.  Will forward a picture from its its hey day as soon as I find one.
I have owned the parts to convert it to a Daytona since 1974 and that was my plan. I am less inclined to do that these days,
Give me some idea of what you are looking for, and to do.


I have replied via your private email
Just let me know :cheers:
Thank you and have a great day ;)
Alain platinum 442 4spd factory A/C :drive: