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Panel Adhesive

Started by RiverRaider, May 12, 2021, 12:00:13 PM

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I am interested in what brand/part number adhesive people are currently using for repair or replacement of the factory stuff that was used to secure the hood or
trunk skin to the inner frame structure.
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Was talking the other day about the exact same thing with my paint supply guy and he said that you must be careful what you use as most of these sealers shrink back quit a bit and as this happens it can damage the panel by pulling it in as it shrinks back and dries he suggested a certain product but i don't think you have this available as I'm in Australia sorry i can't help but be aware of this issue


I've used the 3M panel adhesive 08115 for small jobs and it is very strong. Can't speak to whether or not it shrinks. It would be good for small gaps, not sure how thick you can go with it but the data sheet doesn't seem to say anything about thickness.


Thanks for the feedback.  My concern was also shrinkage. 
My first Charger was a Stock Car.

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  I have used  3M 8115 since it came out about 20 years ago and never has a problem with it  and it does not shrink when it sets up and cures . The thing is you must grind both surfaces that are bonding . I use a 24 grit grinder disc. Let it set at least 8 hours before you remove your clamps .
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The Evercoat panel adhesive is a good alternative to 3M.