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WANTED: Black 68 Charger 4-speed, maybe trade w/ 1971 Cuda (see pic)...

Started by DeanP, February 27, 2022, 05:19:54 AM

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Hey gang,
Looking for the following 1968 Charger:

Car class: Either true R/T (XS) or XP factory "H" code.
Tranny: Factory 4-speed.
Exterior color: Black, but does NOT have to be true BB1 car.
Interior color: Either black, white, red or gold.
Overall condition: Ready to rock and roll... #2 or better.

Possible trade offer: 1971 Plymouth Cuda 340 (true BS) with original build sheet, 2 fender tags, factory 4-speed, factory shaker hood, factory Curious Yellow (GY3)

Thank you,


I also wanted to mention that I will offer a finders fee...  :2thumbs:


Only wimps wear Bowties !


Quote from: Challenger340 on March 12, 2022, 11:20:04 AM
Great looking 'Cuda Dean !    Bump...

Thanks man, much appreciated! It's been a great car, lots of fun and attracts a lot of attention. Many years ago, I owned a '68 Charger R/T, auto, TT1 (medium green), but eventually sold it. However, now that I've had the Cuda for awhile, I realized in my heart of hearts that I'm a B-body guy, especially the 2nd gen Chargers. IMHO I've always thought the '68 Charger was the best looking car ever designed, perfection!

I placed this wanted ad here because I was a member here a long time ago, but forgot my sign-on info, so I created a new one. This is a great forum, with lots of knowledgeable people.


Sweet Cuda.

I have an XX1 383 auto with red interior. Runs and drives,  but not a #2.

Bump for a cool opportunity for someone.
Current- 70 Charger XH29G Y3, F8, F8

Past- '73 Rallye U code, '69 Coronet 500 vert, '68 Roadrunner clone, XP29H8, XP29G8


Quote from: 73rallye440magnum on March 14, 2022, 08:41:36 PM
Sweet Cuda.

I have an XX1 383 auto with red interior. Runs and drives,  but not a #2.

Thanks for the kind words! It'll be at Spring Fling next month.

I don't think I've ever seen an XX1 w red interior, that'd be cool to see in person!  :coolgleamA: