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Searching for a project

Started by AZMoparboy, July 26, 2021, 12:43:38 PM

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 Hi to all of you veteran Mopar hobbyist,

I'm coming up on retirement and both of my cars are finished. I'm going to need a car to help keep me entertained. I'm not looking for a car to flip, I'm looking for a car to put my passion to work on Chrysler's. OK, that being said, I'm looking for a project that someone has maybe started or one that has been on the waiting list to work and you might have to many projects to finish. I'm looking for is a 68/69 Charger. It has to have good bones, doesn't need to have  numbers matching, no need for high opinions either. An engine with it maybe, rear axle to work with, basically a roller is the place I'd like to start. I know these cars are going for a good price, and I understand that. So I thought this would be a good place to ask for help on finding that Diamond in the rough. You can connect me here with a PM and I'll get back with you.



Best wishes on your search, it's gonna be hard to find one not wildly over priced. My suggestion is a '71-74 or '66-67. good candidtes and prices still reasonable


I've already got a 73 charger. I'm prepared to spend a fair market value, that's way I posted here in search, maybe appealing to someone here that was sitting on a nice one. I know, fat chance but if you go looking you just might find.


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Where are you located? I know of a low cost Charger, they are asking $20,000 but it needs a lot of work. When I get on my phone i'll post it. 
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How far you wanting to travel


As long as I have time to travel on a weekend. I work for an airline and can fly into most any larger cities. Anyone that can give me a lead that would be great 😊. I live in the Phoenix area. You guys helping is just what I'm looking for and I greatly appreciate it.

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Located in Boise Idaho.
"Dear God, my prayer for 2024 is a fat bank account and a thin body. Please don't mix these up like you did the last ten years."


Thanks, yes I saw that one in Boise , that one does have merit I'll keep that one in mind


I have a 73' Charger Rallye BB A/C car that needs some TLC here in Surprise AZ I am going to list.

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I have a very solid '68 roller. Located in Pueblo West, CO. Only considering selling to fund a different '68 I found.
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