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505 Stoker

Started by Challenger340, November 04, 2021, 09:52:28 AM

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.030" over oem 440 Block
505 Stroker Kit
TF270 Heads
Factory 6-Pack Intake Manifold, heavily Ported to MW size
Street Profile Roller cam, 260'ish @ .050 with .570's Lift and 112 lsa
91 Octane Pump Gas

681 hp @ 6000 rpm
657 Ft/Lbs

Only wimps wear Bowties !


That will get their attention !!!! great job !!!!!
68 Charger 512 cid,9.7to1,Hilborn EFI,Home ported 440 source heads,small hyd roller cam,COLD A/C ,,a518 trans,Dana 60 ,4.10 gear,10.93 et,4100lbs on street tires full exhaust daily driver
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Absolute fantastic numbers for a mildish build! What camshaft may I ask?

tan top

thats a strong  motor !   with that power & torque at 6 grand  on a six pack set up   awesome build , 

:2thumbs: :popcrn:
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Wow, that cam isn't much bigger than what I have in a 440! Aluminum 6 pack intake? Awesome results :drive:
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More info on the Cam?

I have a 540 With a much larger Hyd Roller with Stealth Heads, I have a set of TF240's I want to Bolt on with a smaller cam to make it more "Streetable"
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