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Door glass rear felt install

Started by chargernut69, February 03, 2022, 06:22:12 PM

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Trying to figure out how to install the felt covered rubber strips ( felt on one side ) that go on the rear of the door glass metal channel on my '69 Charger.

Do they slide in the groove ?  Or is the edge pressed into the channel groove ?  I checked the posts around the web, but did not find any details....

Also, do they need weatherstrip adhesive on the non-flocked back side too ?



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Best idea I came up with was to install the weatherstrip ( Metro VS 7-E/FL ) by first putting lower edge in the channel and then carefully pushing the top edge of it under the SS trim using a plastic trim tool.  Sliding it thru did not seem like a viable option....

I had to make sure that the soft rubber was covered by the tool first, before pushing it under the edge so it did not cut the rubber flock material.   Also went back and forth with tool pushing both up & down on the inside groove of the weatherstrip perpendicular to the SS trim.    Worked great.

Did not use any sealant on it, as it appeared to be holding onto the SS trim ok....  guess I will see when I put the windows in the doors.



Interesting. Do the top of your felts have a rubber cap? Mine did.   

I did the same as you but did use adhesive when installing. May or may not matter after install I closed the doors windows up and let them seat against the quarter windows for some time before attempting to roll the window up/down
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