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WTB U code automatic Superbird

Started by Pinballjim, March 25, 2022, 01:39:28 PM

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Looking for a wing car for a while now.   I don't really want a 4 speed car with a 6 bbl. HOWEVER....  I would consider it.  I have a few "musts".  It has to be a real bird.  There's nothing wrong with a clone but I want a real one.   I also want a numbers matching car.  It doesn't have to be correct down to the original brake pads, but the engine/trans/rear need to be correct.  I'm from SE Pa.  If you're considering the sale of your wing car, contact me.   We need to talk.  I've saved a considerable pile of cash and I'm ready to go.   No drama, No hassles.   

Thanks,   Jim 



Nothing yet.   I'm "talking" to a couple people.  We're getting close but not quite there yet. 

I WILL get one!!!


FYI: White 440-4, 4 speed on BringATrailer right now. Has some small cosmetic issues, so maybe a good price in the end?
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