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What does internet cost ya per month?

Started by b5blue, February 15, 2024, 07:15:28 PM

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Just internet with nothing else costs me about 80 bucks per month What do others pay?  :shruggy:


$105/mo., but that's because I live somewhat out in the sticks (4-5 miles from town) and fiberoptic is worth paying up to have.

Not all that long ago I was pretty happy to get 3-5 Mbps - and that was only because a new neighbor was a computer geek who couldn't stand not having decent service.  He literally erected a pretty tall tower on his property so he could get line-of-sight back to town, and set up a small "network" just for our subdivision.  Otherwise, my family would still be working off the equivalent of an air card.   :o

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I have a high-speed fiber optic Internet that cost $65 a month.
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Here in Spain I'm paying 29,95 Euros for TV and Internet service (fiber optic). As far I recall 1 Gb speed.

Then 9,95 Euros per month for the cellphone service with no limit calls and 25 Gb for internet. If you still got Gb saved from the previous month, it sums to the actual month.

I can get both services from same company and get cheaper, but if some of both fails, I still have the other. So preffer separated services.
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I don't know what my internet, by itself, costs...I have a cable TV/internet/phone package but I do know that a full 30% of the monthly fee is "other" i.e. taxes and misc. fees.  :RantExplode:
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TV,internet,phone... $307.45  :eek2: "member"👈 :lol: when basic cable was under $20.00
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Yea and no commercials....I want my MTV.  :lol:


Fiber has been at the corner of my street for about 5 years but I guess it's not profitable to bring it to the last 10 houses. They charge $55 for 100 Mbps and $85 for 1,000 Mbps.
So Starlink is my only option at $120.
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$50 a month for life, I jumped on that. Before all the phone co. offered was a cheap introduction price for a year then an unknown amount after that. Cable internet in over $100 around here.


Where we are at, they wanted $275,000 to bring Comcast down our little dirt road for 26 properties. Thankfully, the community easily replied no thanks. We were able to get the little white box, Verizon Home Internet before they stopped offering it in our area. It is $50 per month with unlimited usage.


Thanks for the reply's guys. There's chatter about fiber coming to our MHP soon that would cost 50.00 per month.  :scratchchin: