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1969 black upper and lower dash pad paint

Started by marshallfry01, January 15, 2024, 09:17:06 PM

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I'm in the middle of restoring my dash and I need to paint the dash pads. They're in good shape besides being faded and just look like they aren't "new." What's the correct paint for 1969 black pads? I'm planning on using SEM trim black unless someone else has a better solution.
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Trying cleaning them with Scrubbing Bubbles for showers first. You may be surprised. Once you paint, there's no going back..
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Changed my interior from green to black using Kiwi black shoe leather dye. Couple three coats and worked awesome.


"SEM" worked well on 1970 arm rest pads so may be good on 69 soft dash.


The soft pads? SEM Color Coat Landau Black.
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Another +1 for SEM interior spray. on the charger as well as my 78 GMC pieces, the stuff has hend up great (78gmc door panels were my Daily Driver for a decade)