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Too valuable to drive?

Started by lloyd3, May 02, 2024, 08:27:59 AM

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Quote from: lloyd3 on May 08, 2024, 12:47:53 PM... Another component of this is the fact that the people that helped me restore this car are mostly all gone now and what has replaced them (at least here in Colorado) are simply not that good IMHO.

I'll likely keep it and enjoy it for several years more, but the day is coming where I'll have to hand it off to somebody. I just hoping for a good situation when that time comes.

Consider giving a nod to those who offered a hand in restoring. Drive it.

I'm 20 minutes south of Pueblo. Reach out any time if I can help.
719-469-145 eight.
Current- 70 Charger XH29G Y3, F8, F8

Past- '73 Rallye U code, '69 Coronet 500 vert, '68 Roadrunner clone, XP29H8, XP29G8

Kern Dog

I have driven and enjoyed my Charger MORE since I converted it from a 727 to the Tremec 5 speed manual.
It isn't because the car is faster. I'm not Ronnie Sox...I can't shift fast like the heroes could. I'm decent but not expertly skilled with a manual transmission.
It is because the car is more fun now. The freeway cruising at lower rpms really do "civilize" a car. I like shifting the gears. Some like to say that they feel more connected to their car...may that is part of it.


This post has gone sideways just a bit. My original motivation for it was a question about how to properly leave a (now somewhat valuable) car to a family member (in this case, a son) when I was done with it. From my research, anybody attempting to insure such a car would need to be 25-years old in order to qualify for collectors insurance (the most reasonable cost model). At 25-years, I would also like to think that my boy will be well on his way towards self-reliance in this life (a job or career, a steady girlfriend/wife, family, etc.) but...I guess we'll see, right?  Kern Dog is spot-on in that unless there is some pushback from the hobby writ large, the march towards more-control over these types of vehicles is inevitable. They do not fit the model going forward of "Public Transportation" for all the reasons you can imagine. Environmentalism has replaced religion for many of today's youth (as a result of today's education system, bad in highschool and worse in college) so these vehicles are nearly demonic in their curiously semi-communist worldview.  Kern Dog is also correct in that if you own & enjoy them, use them...for tomorrow is deeply uncertain.

Kern Dog

Thank you Lloyd.
It holds true in many instances that if you love something, you must be wiling to fight to preserve it.
It has annoyed me from the start to see evil forces conspire to erase history whether it is statues, plaques, monuments or in our case, classic cars.
They don't understand that it isn't that we ignore the mistakes of the past by celebrating tradition, we just don't dwell on the mistakes, we focus on the triumphs.
If one were to live their life by always feeling guilty about the past, how can they ever be happy?
I drive my Chargers with a smile every time. Their simple yet effective engineering still works as well today as it did in 1970. As long as gasoline is available, these cars will run.


l drive mine all the time when moma (wife)lets me. ::)  And I still have a couple long trips planned (the ark in Kentucky, Yellow Stone. Rout 66 :2thumbs: , and a few other places) I build mine to drive and look good not to be a trailer queen or just look pretty. If l could ever get organized to get a few Chargers together and maybe Cruse route 66 and have a great time that would be great. :drool5:

Kern Dog

No offense but why do men marry women that are controlling and demanding?
That is a serious question.
Were these women always like that or did they start off okay and then become ball busters?
My first wife was not so supportive of my car hobby but after we divorced, she married a car guy even MORE fanatical that I've ever been.
My wife now is a dream. She never complains about the money or time I spend on the cars.
I recommend that.


thats what insurance is for  ,  Drive it like you stole it   , or else why  have it 

Kern Dog

I get the sentiment but I don't drive mine that hard!


Just drive the damn car, and invest in stocks.