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Jumper cables? Nah...there is a better way now.

Started by Kern Dog, February 26, 2024, 03:42:25 AM

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Kern Dog

I read on Mopar Action awhile back about these new battery jumper boxes:

00 x1.png

00 x2.png

00 x3.png

These are interesting. I like the idea of having something lightweight and compact to bring with any vehicle I'm taking on road trips. No need for getting help from someone else for a jump start if you accidently leave the lights on or some other mistake. Some of these come with built in lights or air compressors. Some will allow recharging of a phone, camera or other low demand accessories.
If you have one, do you have a recommendation for a brand or model that you liked?


I swear by Noco boosters now. Saved my Bacon a few times. I have extensive use of a GB70 (workhorse, weekly usage at least) as well as 2 GB40s and a GBx45. They are kept in all vehicles now for peace of mind. If Type C USB is important, try to go with the GBX ones, as the older style GB still use the Micro USB plug to charge (larger unit has a 12v cable to charge in car too)

The built in safety/no spark thing is great for people who have never used them before, my mom was able to jump her 2005 accord in the parking lot before Christmas last year, when she called and i had her grab it from the trunk.

real world use cases for the fleet for me other than starting?
-GB40 used to power trailer winch to load and offload multiple cars over the years when trailer battery died.
-used at junk yards (secretly, not sure if it was allowed) to power vehicle to move power seats to get a perfect leather interior from a VW toureg.
- using it in Bypass mode (12v on no protection) to power a powerprobe tool when no battery is nearby

100% recommend, and I've started to gift them to car buddies when they have issues as well...

Also recommend getting the storage case from Noco for them as well. the cloth bags are OK they come with but no protection if rolling around a back seat or trunk.


70 sublime

We got one for my son 
Very small not much bigger that an 8 track tape
He has boosted his car a few times with it and can recharge it with the plug on the dash
His also has the extra small plug on it to charge his phone if he needs to

But also remember these have the same batteries the dreaded electric cars have in them :)
next project 70 Charger FJ5 green


Quote from: 70 sublime on February 26, 2024, 09:30:27 AMBut also remember these have the same batteries the dreaded electric cars have in them :)

:smilielol:  :horse:  :rofl:
Venezuelan RT 74 400 4bbl, 727, 8.75 3.23 open. Now stroked with 440 crank and 3.55 SG. Here is the History and how is actually:,7603.0/all.html,25060.0.html


I have a Projector brand jumper similar to the NOCO one pictured.
The performance is amazing for such a small unit.
I regularly have to use it after having the ignition ON while tinting cars in my shop. It's amazing how many vehicles come through that have batteries that are in poor condition, but they start right up with the jumper pack.
And funny enough, EVs with all their battery banks and all, their starter batteries go flat in no time.
Gotta love a '69

Kern Dog

I've seen numerous ones mentioned but I decided to give this one a try:

Hulkman 2.jpg

Pretty cool. Compact too.

Hulkman 4.jpg

Hulkman 7.jpg

It was at around 75% when I pulled it from the packaging. Within 2 minutes of charging...

Hulkman 1.jpg

Another few minutes and it was up to 100% and automatically shut off.
I'll test it soon and report back.