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Black plugs… sat over winter

Started by Calif240, March 02, 2024, 11:47:35 AM

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Hey guys, car sat over the winter without starting, as I was working on the fuel tank. Didn't start prob 6 months. When I started it up this past week, she coughed up a lot of white or light gray smoke from the exhaust. I figured it was just moisture from sitting and a few minutes of running would stop the smoke... however, she still is smoking white or light gray. It isn't bad, but she didn't do that before.

Pulled the plugs and they're black but "clean" I don't notice deposits or such. I have an Oxygen sensor and it shows good fuel mixture.

Do I just need to let her run a little more since she sat a while (I've only let her run 10 minutes or so, or should I check something else that might be a sign of something more critical?

1969, 440, 750 Holley DP

Appreciate it!
Indianapolis '69 Charger. RestoMod.

Kern Dog

Here in CA, the fuel loses it's potency after a couple of months. I had a period where I was busy with other things and the gas in my red car was well over 6 months old. It was almost orange in color and would run terrible when it was cold but okay once it warmed up. I've learned that since the gasoline is made from a variety of different components, it is the lightest and most volatile parts that evaporate the first, leaving you with gas that is thicker and harder to burn.


Thanks I'll go fill up some more new gas (I put in some already), and run a bit to see what I can find out.

Indianapolis '69 Charger. RestoMod.