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68 Seat Belt Puzzle

Started by BronzeOnSteelies, July 02, 2006, 05:49:18 PM

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I have a 68 R/T with a Buddy Seat. The car came with a shoulder harness belt on each side and the metal retaining clips up by the visor. It also has 3 back seat female belts.

I bought what is supposedly a full set of Chrysler belts tagged 1968-4 at a swap meet. God only knows from what model car. The attached photo shows my best guess at how they should be arranged. Something is not right. What is up with the belts with two separate anchor plates. I am assuming the buddy seat gets a belt but I have the one lonely female up front and center.

Any help solving this puzzle will be appreciated.
68 MM1 (Turbine Bronze) R/T


Those seat belts look correct for a 68 Charger.
There are a couple of rear belts positioned incorrectly in the picture. From right to left  (Driver side to Pass side) should be the following:
1. ) One Short belt only (No belt release).
2.) Two long belts (With belt release).
3.) One Long & One Short belt.
4.) Short Belt only.

Pic attached may help some.

The front belts look pretty good, but I don't have a buddy seat, so I can't confirm that the pictured arrangement is correct.



Thanks DFS that answers the back seat and appreciate the pic.

Still need to figure out the front.

Eventually as I restore the interior I will need a new headliner and am considering not putting the shoulder belts back in the roofline and leaving the new headliner uncut. I am wondering the members opinions on that too. In or out with the shoulder belts.

68 MM1 (Turbine Bronze) R/T


No there is no third belt if you have a console up front, that extra male belt for the front as you have it laid out
clips into your shoulder belt. The male shoulder belt webbing is just sewn into your lap belt to hold it in
place, it will still have the extra bolt down for that, so that is why there is two brackets to bolt in to that
one bolt. If you did not have shoulder belts the extra male clip would not be thereĀ  :icon_smile_big:.

I am talking about chargers with a console, I have not seem a buddy seat charger, with shoulder
belts and a middle seat belt up front. But I know they made them, just never seen one.

Those belts look to be for a buddy seat car, but missing one belt.

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I can't help with the belt ID, but I wanted to add my November '68 1969 model year Charger has 1968-4 coded belts. Is the "4" a seasonal code?



I need to follow this thread cause someday i need to put belts in mine.  Please post pics of your front setup in the car when you get it done.

I vote no on the shoulder belt if you don't care about the stock look. I'm not a poster boy for safety, I know.
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Quote from: JimShine on July 03, 2006, 04:28:28 PM
I can't help with the belt ID, but I wanted to add my November '68 1969 model year Charger has 1968-4 coded belts. Is the "4" a seasonal code?

My understanding is the 4 indicates 4th quarter i.e Oct-Nov-Dec. My 69 Coronet with SPD of NOV has 1968-4 belts too.
Seeking information on '69 St. Louis plant VINs, SPDs and VONs. Buld sheets and tag pictures appreciated. Over 3,000 on file thanks to people like you.


^^^That would make sense.^^^

I still have the original belts attached in my '68.  They read "1967-3".  The car's SPD was Sept of '67.  No shoulder harnesses for mine... :-\

I also have a buddy seat and there aren't any belts for it.  Is it possible that the belts that you have there are from a car with bench seats and is missing the male connector for the front/center section?  Just a thought....I'm certainly not an expert.

Good luck.
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DS 440,

It is certainly possible that the belts are from a bench seat car. I think you and the other guys bring up good points on the date tags. A friend of mine has 69 R/T with belts that are tagged 1968. The few belts left in my car are tagged 1968-1 but I have no idea if they came with it. One was not installed and the two other back seat belts were installed in front. I am not worried about the date tags at this point.

I just want to get the front install right with the buddy seat. Thanks for your response on that.


68 MM1 (Turbine Bronze) R/T


Ok, I have decided to lose the shoulder harnesses and go with no belts on the buddy seat. It seams real narrow to have its own belts anyway.

I was able to get another front female belt by taking apart one of the tan belts with the multiple fittings. It left me with a normal front female belt and a normal male belt.

I have dyed the neccessary belts black for my white interiour. Just have to paint the the buckles and I can install them.

Thanks for all your info.
68 MM1 (Turbine Bronze) R/T


Get this, I got all the belts installed except the females for up front. I got under the car and the bolts were in under the carpet. I pulled the back seat out and rolled the carpet forward and found 3 male back seat belts. So the car had a full set of back seat belts in it and no fronts plus the two over the windows. Go figure why those belts were stuffed up under the buddy seat.
68 MM1 (Turbine Bronze) R/T


This is kind of late, but maybe it's of some use to someone else.