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Pedal dress up trim availability?

Started by Ghoste, July 04, 2006, 10:29:17 PM

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Was the chrome pedal dress up trim ONLY available with the SE, or could you get it in other models as a stand alone option?  I'm only talking about 1969 here.


You could get it in packages or order it separately.
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Are you going to add it to your car?  I plan to...really looks nice IMO.  I wonder how expensive the option was?

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No, the question arose around a discussion 69500 and I were having about another car and neither of us were sure about the correct answer.  This seemed quicker than trying to look it up in my piles and piles of crap.


I found a nice set in a Coronet 500 that will be going in my '68. They dress up the interior nicely IMO.
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Are you sure?  Because I heard that the little chrome edges retain all the moisture and grit off of your shoes and cause your pedals to rust out quickly.  You should really just pass those on to somebody else. :icon_smile_big:



I have found 73/74 were rarelly pedal dress optioned no matter the model, not even SEs... BUT I GOT THEM on a Mopar dealer complete new pads and chrome set, with emergency brake exception... BUT IS COMING A VERY NICE USED on the waaaaaay.

The weird part of this is the acelerator pad is smaller on chromed ones than the non cromed... around 1" shorter
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Just 6T9 CHGR

The SS pedal trim was not available seperately on 69 Chargers.  It was available only in the SE package.

I like it as well & added it to mine.......dont tell anyone!
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