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72 door panels

Started by Forrest440, July 03, 2006, 12:27:04 AM

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I need door panels for my 72 and can't find any or can I make my own if it isn't that hard?




Whenever I look on E-Bay it seems as if they are always auctioning off door panels. I believe that they are being repoppped also.
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I don't think they're being reman'd, but I could be wrong... I looked all over the place, though, and couldn't find them!

Having said that, I did see them all over ebay in varying conditions dependent upon what you want to pay.  Usually about $25 per panel for usable but kinda worn ones, around $50 for 'good' condition (perfect for a driver, probably not good enough for a show restore), and higher ($75-$100 per) for "mint" condition ones.  I got mine for less than $100 for the pair, and they're really nice, but not perfect ( missing both door lock ferrules and they're missing a badge, but the backing and the vynil are in perfect shape).


I take that back, they are repop'd -

but WOW, they're rediculous.

I've seen them in excellent condition used for a LOT less than that.  I don't see any on ebay right now, but I'd keep an eye out for a while before paying THAT much.


Hey thanks I can't find any in ebay right now either and don't fell like spending that much. I guess I have to keep looking.



we are looking at upper or lower panels ?
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my lower panels are fine I just need upper ones.


You can find these upper door panels on legendary auto interiors.. order a free catalog
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I took a good look at them at Carlisle in  legendary tent. They looks real nice. Black Fronts were $230,  rears $125