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Adding a 3 point harness to my 68- Aftermarket?

Started by mikes68charger, July 26, 2006, 09:54:02 PM

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My 68 came with lap belts  :o I'm usesing a set of seats out of a 98 lincoln ( Hey 8 way adjustable and heated & $150 why not? - and they with be recovered to Mach the rear seats) My problem is I have the seat belts out of the Lincoln because the female end is attached to the seat. I'm not sure if the locking mec was damaged during the accident but it doesn't like to existent out every time - It is always locking. And it is almost two short. I was think of one of the aftermarket kits but don't understand how it would work with out a door pillar. Even if I figured it out, can I take the belts too a shop to have the male end changed with the one from the Lincoln?