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anyone know the correct dupont code for A01 '69

Started by 70plumrt, August 10, 2005, 05:45:51 PM

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I ordered up a batch of Alpine white paint for 69 Charger with Dupont code 4887L
and it came back yellow gold :o

I even mentioned it was white before I left
and they called chrysler to confirm the code
I don't understad why they didn't call me to ask if I was fine with the yellow :icon_smile_dead:

So has anyone out there ordered 69 white from dupont, and still have code?



I have access to a DuPont paint formula database and 4887L is not found. When I enetered just 4887 it came back with yellow and the year 1968. The only white I could find in the database for 1969 was called Spinnaker white, paint code of W1 and DuPont code of 4996.

The Charger Restoration guide shows 4887 L as white in 1969 and yellow in 1968 and 1970. I suspect the guide is wrong.

Hope this helps you.

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Alpine White is code "W1"

PPG's number is 2033.....paint store can cross-reference it to Dupont.

I do believe Dodge just called it white and Plymouth called it Alpine White.



Thanks guys
I noticed a yukon white on their list for 68-70 mopes also
so if i had no luck i was going to go with that

But now I'm armed with this new info :2thumbs: :2thumbs:

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Just one of the reasons I despise Du Pont Paint for restorations. Always, ALWAYS use PPG. It may be a bit more expensive per gal. But it covers much better and is the paint that Dodge and Plymouth used on these cars. So their colors are the correct shades. To paint a car in Du Pont will take at least a gallon and one half. To paint the same car in PPG it will take a gallon and it will be the right shade. So I ask. Is it really cheaper to use a lesser quality product?  :Twocents:


So far it hasn't been cheaper...
The body shop sent me to a certain supplier and they only carry dupont
lucky for me!
today I sprayed what appeared to be white and ended up whiteish yellow beige :rotz:
not to mention my good gun is fudged so i used a cheap one
i had three that came free with compressors that had never been used
they are all in the garbage now :icon_smile_angry:
the supplier had no way of cross-referencing ppg

now  I'm considering striping it all down again and finding ppg


Wow! Great stuff! Glad this came up as I will be painting my '68 engine bay its stock Alpine White color in the very near future. .