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glue retso

Started by mister bungle, July 31, 2006, 10:03:54 AM

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mister bungle

Hi all,
Last year i've installed my new vinyl top. I used the spraycan bottles from 3M. Good stuff! but now i looks like i've missed a few spots, and the vinyl is comming loose in some places. How do i restore this? I've heard about the hypodermic needle with some glue in, but wich kind of glue do i use for that? Or is there a special kind of tool on the market for this problem?
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Drop Top

You should be able to buy the glue in qt cans at your automotive paint supply store. Or try getting some from an upholstery shop. Make sure you use a very small needle. If its a big bubble I have used a razor blade and a WD-40 tip.