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1968 seat belt bolts: which size goes where?

Started by Dennis K, August 28, 2006, 08:45:55 PM

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Dennis K

I was just looking through my interior stuff trying to plan my reassembly of my Charger when I get it back from the body shop, and I noticed that I have 3 sizes of seat belt bolts. I thought there were only 2, short ones for the shoulder belts and long ones everywhere else, but apparently not. The ones I have are all the same except for the length between the head of the bolt and the threaded area, which measure about 3/8", 9/16", and almost 1".  I don't know if all the bolts I have are from Chargers, either. I need a total of 10 bolt, 4 in the back seat, 2 for the retractors, 2 on the inside floor hump, and 2 for the shoulder belts on the roof. If anyone can tell me which bolts go in which holes, I would appreciate it. Thanks


This photo may help get you started.