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Mind if I whine a little? Scratch that. Legendary carries new Charger sunvisors

Started by bull, August 31, 2006, 11:18:31 PM

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What's the deal with sunvisors for our cars? I was talking to a guy a while back about installing my headliner and he said he could also redo my sunvisors because Year One includes new sunvisor vinyl in their headliner kits. I said "They do? I've never heard that, but then I own a Mopar." Then he says, "Oh, nevermind." I must say it's a little trying on my patience searching through all these lousy used parts when new stuff is routinely handed to the GM and Ford guys for their restorations. Honestly I can see the reluctance to reproduce certain parts, especially moulded plastic and metal, but jeez, how hard is it for the boys at Legendary to cut out a couple pieces of vinyl so we can have new sunvisors?

Time to send them an email I guess. :icon_smile_evil:

Brock Samson

yeah: it's kinda maddening, i got the latest B-body cat from Year One, as well as the Early mustang and Chevelle Catalogs, and they have alot of stuff,.. like the window regulators and complete body panels incl. fenders and stuff,.. the mustangs have some pretty trick consoles and stereos and stuff too..  :flame:
i noticed that those cats don't have the filler material that's in the Mopar B-body book either.. like the often repeated pictures of cars with redundant copy.


Now they are saying they have them, which is news to me. I'm going to try to find out what form the come in, new vinyl, complete or semi-complete units:

"Hi .. sorry but we do have them for your car so not sure why you havent ordered them ??? please call our Sales line ( 1-800-363-8804 )and we'll be glade to help you .. Thanks .. Dick"


Alright. My whining was apparently unfounded because Legendary recently started carrying new sunvisors for our cars. I don't know how recent but I do know they aren't in the catalog I have at home, which is probably a year old. Their online catalog is down right now but I called them and they said they sell the vinyl-covered pad itself, or everything but the mounting plate and shaft for $90/pair.