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Filler Neck Trunk Seal

Started by Brent69, September 03, 2006, 09:33:27 PM

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My original trunk floor was rusted out so I had replacement pans from Year One put in.  My original rubber trunk floor seal is pretty trashed, and the metal support frame for it is rusted pretty bad.  I was going to buy a replacement seal from Year One, but there is a note for the item that says it does not fit their reproduction trunk floors.

What's up with that?!  They don't list an alternative.  So they sell the floor, but give you no way to seal the filler neck?

Anybody have a solution for this? 

I searched various trunk floor topics and saw that many people have replaced their floors, but nobody mentioned having this problem.



i don't see why it wouldn't fit the new floor. the new trunk floor i installed had no openning for the filler tube. i had to cut it out. and the rubber seal fit just fine. thats weird that it would say that. Rene
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I just replaced my trunk floor and neck seal and cant recall any problem in this area !


Me too. Year One is selling the same trunk floor/seals every one else is, however I do remember seeing that typed in their catalog.
I got my floor from Auto Body Specialties at a swap meet. The seal was an eBay item. No problem.
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Ok, thanks guys.  I couldn't really understand why the seal wouldn't work, but since they state that it won't I thought I'd check.