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68-70 grille swap?

Started by lumpy, August 22, 2005, 09:45:11 PM

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Agood friend of mine just bought a '70 Charger 500, that has a banged up front end. I know where there is a complete '68 grille, bumper and valance will some of these parts work on his '70, or should he just hold out for the right part?


You'll need the entire front clip including fenders and hood. With the cost of 68 parts I'd sell the grille and valence and buy the 70 parts from someone converting one to a General Lee. The 68 fenders are a lot more expensive than 70 parts too so buying ones to fit the grille, bumper and valence would probably not be worth it. If the 68 parts are in then let me know... ;D

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 Nothing is the same, even the hood stop's are driffrent. Get the right parts.

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thanks for the info guys!! I know that the guy wants to sell the grille along with the front valance and both front and rear bumpers, all off of a '68. So if anyone is interested i can post some pics and price soon.