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Aftermarket Bulge Hoods available???

Started by bigeric73SE, September 24, 2006, 01:23:20 PM

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hey guys, i'm looking for a bulge hood that will fit my 73.  Is there an aftermarket style of this hood available??


not repopped yet, and not cheap if you can find one.
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You can get a power bulge hood in fiberglass for 1971-1974. Also a company makes a fiberglass "ram charger" hood for 1971-1974.


any idea on a website you found these at? or cost?


Showcars/Body Pars Unlimited has several fiberglass hoods for the 1971-1974 Chargers. You can get the Power Bulge Hood, R/T Hood w/insert, Super Bee Hood w/insert and the Ramcharger Hood. Here is the link:

One of the members on this forum bought the Ramcharger style hood from them. Do a search under fiberglass hoods and there is a good thread on this subject.



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