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Anyone with a 1971 Charger body manual?

Started by XS29U0G, October 15, 2006, 11:59:53 AM

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I am trying to remove all the stainless steel trim from my 1971 Charger and need to know what is involved. I know for the rear trim pieces nuts must be removed from the trunk area but what about the other pieces. Any assistance would be valued. If anyone has a diagram from the body service manual that can be scanned or posted taht would also help. Thanks.


I didn't find the body manual much help when I stripped my 71 before sending it to the paint shop last year.
The only pieces that were a pain were the trim pieces on top of the doors and by the rear quarter windows. In both cases you need to remove the interior trim panels. On the door there is a rubber stop on the bottom, remove it and it will allow you to crank the window down low enough to get at the trim screws. On the rear windows there is an nut you loosen up on the window track that allows the window to drop down lower so you can get at the trim screws.
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