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Who does your powdercoating?

Started by alfanta, September 28, 2007, 01:39:11 PM

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Who does your powder coating for your projects? do you do it yourself? or is there a reputable person around where you live? Or do you ship it to the other side of the country?

I have some parts that I need powder coated, and I have been looking at a few places.
Has anyone used any of them?

This one was reccomended to me by my work (D&D Classic where we restore cars.

This one I was told about by someone in one of my design classes at UC. The part he got back looked amazing, but it cost him a pretty penny.

Let me know if anyone has heard of these or if you know someone else that is good.

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there's local place that does powdercoating, another place does ceramic coating, and pretty much any other industrial coating you need. I can powder coat in my garage, just need an oven. Already have compressor & powdercoater

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There are people EVERYWHERE that do it, I just dont wanna dish out money and end up with it cracking off after a year. I am sending 2 emblems that I cast in aluminum, one to each of the links that i had above, both are goign to be done in black mirror finish. I will see what one looks the best, and since i cant age the products t osee how they hold up, I will just have to go with my gut unless someone has had experience with either. although the Aesthetic Finishers is probably who I will go with. We use them at work, like I said and I havent heard any problems, Im just curious what other people's opinions are.


I have a reputable shop close to me with great prices do my stuff....but a friend was going to get his own stuff to do powdercoating.....


My uncle owns a powder coating shop here in Tucson.  My stuff is free  :D