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Time to choose paint.. yellow 3rd gen

Started by T16, March 22, 2007, 03:10:57 PM

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Any yellow 3rd gens. out there..?

Its time to choose paint för my charger.. some kind of yellow. Wheels will be black and hood will have a blackout decal.

What do you guys think of this:
(Paint# Pontiac  Marigold Yellow L67YD003)

Look i´m going for:


It really stands out, I like low profile cars better not the flashy ones they attract attention in a good and bad way. But if you are set on a bright color that yellow is absolutely stunning and the black wheels break it up really good. Better than the shiny ones on the Pontiac. I would ad the blackout too, because otherwise it will be tooo much yellow IMO.

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I'd go for the black side stripe too if it were me -- yellow is awesome, especially with black decals and wheels.


Like this one.. Corvette Millenium Yellow..  :icon_smile_big: Gonna buy a sample on a spraycan..


I like yellow on the 3rd gens myself.  The style seems to carry that color really well.  But I also agree on the black side stripe to break it up a little.  It also adds to the "flowing" effect of the cars side profile.


Yellow 3rd gen...   Good choice.   :yesnod:

This is what mine will look like.   :D



I like this shade of yellow on 3rd gens. Looks kind of like the color of my challenger.

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Mine... have to do the hood blackout yet...
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^^^^^^ Got any more pics of that car?  Looks like what we're doing to ours. ^^^^^
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Yellows bitchin dude. I gave it serious consideration myself. :icon_smile_cool:


Quote from: chargercraig on April 07, 2007, 10:19:35 PM
Yellows bitchin dude.

:iagree:   My first Charger was also yellow...


I like the yellow on a 3rd gen. You don't see a lot of them. I used that Corvette yellow on my Cougar and it looks sharp.


(Click for large pic..)

Back from paint  ;D

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I had a Millenium Yellow 2002 Z06 and it was a great yellow. Got a lot of compliments on it - it was a very rich color without the canary/neon look that you can sometimes get with yellow. Plus I think that's a color that has a lot of support in the aftermarket so it's probably a good choice if you ever want to color match with interior parts, etc.