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cant find some parts

Started by racecharger, February 24, 2008, 04:53:47 PM

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I´ve got great help from you so far so I will try some more! :icon_smile_big:

I´m going to order some parts for my 69 charger soon but there is three things I can´t find..

Door trim clip

Plastic wetherstripping för frontend of side window

Grill trim centerpiece

Any help is much appreciated!!


You can get the grill 'I' piece brand new from Gunslinger (aluminum) or Charger Specialties (plastic). I haven't seen a used one in a while.

Sarcasm detector, that's a real good invention.


You can also get the I piece off of e-bay for 185.00.


Thanks! :cheers:

Any ideas about the other parts?
It´s this clip I need  (yes I stole the picture here) :icon_smile_big: