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Superbird daily driver

Started by 4spdwing, October 06, 2008, 07:44:04 PM

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I've been driving the Daytona as a daily for the last month... racked up over 3000 miles on her already...  :2thumbs: People are always dumbfounded when I roll up with it...



Thanks for the comments guys. Driving a wing car you can't drive down the street without people turning and looking. I even drove the car to Best Buy to return something. They really are fun to drive.    :icon_smile_big:
440 4bbl 4spd Superbird  383 Auto Dart GTSport


Quote from: FLG on October 07, 2008, 02:39:44 PM
Sweet ride!

Always noticed that tires and gas seem to go ALOT faster on the charger then with the daily driver  :rofl:

my daily's a 5 liter 5 speed car, so it's a toss up  :lol:


Ah  :cheers:

Well im working with a 6 Cy 95 nissan pathfinder as my daily. On the other hand if i take moms chebby 2500 out (dont worry guys my Ram 2500 pickup is with pops in Florida) gas seems to go quickly but i save her tires...gotta love the locker on that thing though.

Heres the Ram 5.9


tire wear isn't anywhere near the issue it was when I was younger...a $900 tire bill for the 'stang will cure that!  (275/40/ZR17 Kumho Ecsta MX--KILLER tires)

the B5 'bird's tires are shorter in the rear than the front, though, so I might not be telling the whole truth  ;)


What is GTS Dart? I have always wondered. Probably a stupid question though. :scratchchin:

It would be awesome to have a daily driven wing car clone. Let me think...
5.7L Hemi gets okay gas mileage...... :scratchchin: :scratchchin: :scratchchin:


Quote from: WingCharger on October 10, 2008, 02:07:45 PM
What is GTS Dart? I have always wondered. Probably a stupid question though. :scratchchin:

sure it's a stupid question!

j/k...i really like Darts, though.  the GTS package was kind of like the R/T package for Darts.  you had engine choices of a 340, 383hp or a 440hp (in 1969.)  you could also get a 340 with the Swinger package. 

google to know more.  A bodies are cool.


HEY...I love A bodies. :drool5:

1968 SS Darts are my favorite. Followed close behind by 1971 Demon, 1969 Cuda, 1971 Valiant, and 1973 Scamp. :drool5: :drool5:


73 Skamp ?????? I would rather walk or give it to a 90 year old !!!!


The 71 Valiant isn't so long on style either but if you wanted to build something quick and sneaky, those are a couple of good choices.  Then again Wing, you can't expect folks in the aero car forum to be much into subtlety or blending in to the background.


Nice bird, there seems to be a fairly high number of wing cars in Jersey, but you never see them.

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Here are some more NJ superbirds of my friends .This is where we made contact with 4spd wing Tom.Who wouldnt stop and ask whats going on with these wings.That sat in the carport thru the early 80-s
1969 R4 Daytona XX29L9B410772
1970 EV2 Superbird RM23UOA174597
1970 FY1 Superbird RM23UOA166242
1970 EV2 Superbird RM23VOA179697
1968 426 Road Runner RM21J8A134509
1970 Coronet RT WS23UOA224126
1970 Daytona Clone XP29GOG178701


Okay. If you had to choose between a daily driven Daytona, or Superbird, which one?
The only bad thing I see about the Superbird is the vinyl roof would rot out the roof.


Would have to pick the Daytona over the Superbird any day of the week, but my opinion is biased.

I loved going for rides in my dad's Daytona's and the red with white interior car was the on he drove back and forth to work each day.