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Dash pad (cigarette lighter) on 69

Started by Spartan, January 03, 2006, 09:21:45 PM

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I am washing up my pads today.  Getting rid of some mold from years of sitting.  The stuff is a pain to get off but its coming slowly.  I do have some problems where the vinyl is pulled away from the metal.  Has anyone had to fix this?  I am guessing some glue might work as long as it does not screw up the vinyl.  I also have some slight burns just above the ash tray, just barely burning the vinyl but just discoloring the vinyl itself.  Anyone ever have to deal with it?  I am hoping I don't have to send it out for refurb.

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I took a few dash pads in that the foam was coming off of the steel, They were able to
get a few to look better but only about half, there was some they would not evan try.
After all the years the foam can shrink and depending how bad it is there is not much
that can be done with some of them.

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