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Check out this Daytona!

Started by 253862656971, December 08, 2005, 02:53:54 PM

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When I was just a very young lad I looked up and told my dad, a bareback rider's what I wanna be.  I want the whole world to know about me.  In the rodeo arena I'll make my stand.  I wanna be a rodeo man.  I'll come flyin' from the chute with my spurs up high, chaps and boots reachin' for the sky.  Spurin' wild with my head throwed back, you'll ask 'Who's that,' well that's Bareback Jack.  You'll ask 'Who's that,' well that's Bareback Jack.



 :o :o :o :o  Have Mercy!!!!  Talk about Balls..........That thing has them. :yesnod:



i just saw him race  today on espn. he  got to the end and red lighted. cool car
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