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Side Window install question...HELP!

Started by 71 RT, January 05, 2006, 05:43:19 PM

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71 RT

Ok, I am trying to re-install the side windows in my 71.  I fought the back seat side glass, and won.  The front seat side glass is about to kill me.  I have the regulator installed, the rails that the glass rides up are in.  When I try to put the windows in, I can barley fit the glass into the area.  Since I did not take out the glass, I have a couple stupid questions. First, do I need to remove everything from the glass, slide it it, and attach the fasteners that go through the window while its in the door, or am I supposed to be able to fit it in as an assembly?  I did not have to dis-assemble the rear side glass, so I do not know if I need to on the front.  Second dumb questions, shouild I pull out the rails, insert the glass, and then try to set the side rails?  What is the correct order for installing these?  Any help is greatly appreciated!!