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Tubing Benders

Started by MyMopar, January 17, 2006, 03:26:42 PM

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I'm looking for a tubing bender and would like to know if anyone has one, how they like it and where they bought it.  I honestly don't want to spend more than $500 or so unless I am completely convinced that this is the bender.  Any info would be great.

Chryco Psycho

Exhaust , roll bars  ???? we used a stand up version for roll bars bolted to the floor on a pedestal  & you pushed or pulled on a 6' lever , it did great bends & was accurate  , I can probably get the make of it , it used to be advertised in Mags


Tube fenders and a roll cage. From what I founf most decent benders sell seperate from dies which run another $180 and that is only one set, so I would have to use the same dia. tube for everything or spend mega bucks on dies.

BTW it isn't for the Charger, really.