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2nd gen - rocker moldings? repro available?

Started by marangen, January 17, 2006, 10:40:44 AM

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the trim that goes under the doors...

is that what they are called?

hard to find?



Check out Chris's site. He has the reproduction mouldings on his R/T.
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Just 6T9 CHGR

The M25 Wide Sill Moldings are available from Metro Parts.  They sell them sometimes on ebay as well.
While not 100% "correct" they are close enough for me.....
Chris' '69 Charger R/T


One of the differences I've noticed is that the originals also had a sheet metal screw attaching them at the rear of the molding. The repros do not have this screw hole.
It shouldn't be that hard to (carefully!) drill & countersink a hole in the repro molding, if you really have to have one.
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I picked up my moldings @ the paddock I believe that year one sells them to