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Length of dash pad?

Started by chargermick, February 08, 2006, 09:46:55 PM

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Can anyone tell me the length of the dashpad in a '69? The one that came with my car is about an inch too short on each side. Must have come out of another Mopar? Anyway, I'm going to a swap meet this weekend to look for a good used one, but I need the correct length. Thanks.


The A-Pillar moldngs do cover up about an inch of the dash pad, do you have them on yet?

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same about 3rd gens, even A pillar doesn't cover the dash pad, they cover the dash frame since dash pad doesn't arrive up to windshield
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Even with the A-pillar mouldings on, the pad is about an inch shy on each side. It's really too bad, because the pad itself is in pretty good shape. I could easily clean it up and use it, if was the right length.


Any chance the pad in your car is a reproduction? I bought one to replace my cracked original and it is about an inch shorter than the old one.

Because of that and the general poor quality of the repo I bought another good used one and dyed it instead.
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Mike DC

I agree.  The reproduction dashpads for these cars are known for being an inch too short at the ends.

Typical resto industry.  They'll tool up the entire mold but they won't make it fit.  Then they wonder why Mopar guys are so "picky."