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Can you swap parts back to the way it was orignally running and get back to that point ?

If you do swap and still running the same bad that might not be your main problem

Vaccuum leak ?
Hello, all...  Long time lurker, looking for some help or advice...  Last fall I rebuilt the 440 engine.  It's a 0.060 over bore, flat top pistons, stock stroke, with a Howards roller cam (0.545/0.540, @50 231/236.6), Edelbrock aluminum heads with 75cc chambers and right around 10.6:1 compression.  It has an 850 Holley mechanical double pumper on it, and a Mopar Performance electronic distributor.  It's bolted to a four speed, and the rear end ratio is 3:23.  I think the engine alone is a pretty good package, but the cam choice might not be ideal with the 3:23 gears, which I may change out later.

When I first fired the engine, and drove it, it seemed pretty responsive, but ran rich.  You could smell it in the tail pipes, and the plugs were pretty black.  The car also seemed to 'surge' at lower rpms, but as soon as you got into the gas a little bit, it would smooth right out and feel pretty powerful.  The carburetor was a used unit, which was cleaned up and rebuilt.  When I got it, it had 80 jets in the front, and 76 jets in the back, along with 6.5 power valves.  So, I reduced the jet size down to 78 and 74, and reduced the power valves down to 4.5.  Still ran rich, dropped the jets to 72's all the way around, and at the advice of my neighbor (a Ford drag race enthusiast, and more knowledgeable than me) he suggested putting the 6.5 power valves back in.

Right now, there is less than 500 miles on the engine, and it actually runs worse now, than it has since new.  It surges in any gear at any rpm, doesn't start so well (I had it close enough to where turning the key fired right up, now it cranks a bit before igniting).  Just off idle, it bogs out pretty bad, and I never did have it adjusted well enough to kick in the back barrels properly.

I bought the carburetor used, and even though my neighbor rebuilt it, I don't know what changes were made to it by the previous owner, or even if that matters...  I don't know if my problems are ignition related either.

I guess what I'm looking for, is some advice on where to start on jetting and power valves.  Also, I'm no expert on mechanical advance, vacuum advance, and how they relate to each other.  All I know, is that I had it running better before, than I do now, and every change I've made, it seems to run worse...
Charger Discussion / Re: New rubber today
Last post by lloyd3 - Today at 08:09:04 AM
timmycharger: Thankyou!

Tire chemistry (much like gasoline) seems to be constantly changing. The recent discovery of the toxic nature of 6-PPD Quinone on fish is a good example of that. It was explained to us in a briefing last Fall that in the effort to shelf-stabilize the tires (and to help them resist UV breakdown) a number of compounds have been tried by the tire makers over the years. I'm not a chemist, so I'll leave that to the folks that are, but for cars that are driven infrequently, this is interesting stuff. The "shelf-life" of tires has gone up dramatically since I was just a boy, with old tires then developing serious degradation on their sidewalls even after just a few years of use. The rear tires that I just took off of my "68 were all done (wonder why?) but the front ones looked just fine.  They had, with time, also developed a oxidized look on the sidewalls (grey/brown) that with a little effort easily cleaned off. After the application of a little elbow grease (and a brillo pad on the white letters) they still looked pretty darn good. How these "new" tires will age is a big unknown, but I'd suspect that I'll still have to occasionally squat down on my haunches and get after them to keep them looking good too. I'm actually looking forward to that (car detailing as a form of PE eh?).

Not only had I not driven my car much over the past few years, I hadn't done a thorough spring cleaning of it either for at least 3-years now. You know, that section by section, multiple-pass, multiple compounds, and extra-fussy detail work?  Looking forward to that again too.
Charger Discussion / Re: '74 SE Brougham Missing Co...
Last post by Nacho-RT74 - Today at 05:11:24 AM
Mmmm true... my bad.

Can't recall any sleeve there on any car thought.

That's the place for the turning switch and on that collar goes also the bearing. Never have seen any sleeve on any web pic either for that area :shruggy:
Off Topic Discussion / Re: What NON Charger projects ...
Last post by Nacho-RT74 - Today at 05:05:34 AM
Well I have another project which has got me busy for several years now. Maybe approaching? Just God knows.

Get back with my ex gf

(Yes, I'm stick with her yet :-[ )

(10 years old pic... but she still looks  beautiful... a bit more "faty" thought LOL)

You are welcome.
I was impressed at how it started to make sense as I got deeper into it all. The direct relationship of caster and camber was something that I'd heard of but hadn't seen in front of me before.
Two separate cars with similar construction, similar parts and they got similar numbers.
I've read for years from guys that had trouble getting adequate caster and thought my red car was somehow rare or unusual since I've always been able to get good numbers with it. Now with the second Charger getting similar numbers, I wonder how other guys have had trouble.
A buddy texted me today...His '68 Dart has offset bushings but was aligned to 1 3/4 degrees positive caster and 1/4 degree negative camber. That car should have been able to do much better. The guy is going to bring his car over here on Monday and we will see what numbers we can get with some adjustments.
Charger Discussion / Re: '74 SE Brougham Missing Co...
Last post by Gold Rush - Yesterday at 09:16:10 PM
Take a closer look at that breakdown photo.  Where they say a "Sleeve" should be is NOT where the one you think is located.  :shruggy:

I know about that one and it is indeed in place.
Online Swap Meet / RALLYE WHEELS. 14" X 5 1/2" Wi...
Last post by hemi71x - Yesterday at 07:47:14 PM
I have these 10 total, Rallye Wheels, 14" x 5 1/2" width, big bolt pattern 4 1/2 inch, that i need to find good new homes for.

I will sell each wheel at $22.50.

Will not, cannot, have no desire, in trying to ship these wheels.
For local pick up, purchase, only, within driving distance to the Sacramento, California area.
Or i can bring some down to the De Anza College, car show, in a few weeks time, with a pre paid purchase.

Anybody interested, get in touch with me with a pm, here on this forum, and i will get right back with you, then both of us can further go on, from there.

Thank's a lot.
Jim V.
Good timing. I need to align mine after I set the ride height. I guess I need to go find some sheet metal and toe plates. Thanks for the write up!
Off Topic Discussion / Re: What NON Charger projects ...
Last post by Dino - Yesterday at 07:40:59 PM
-Starting on a pole barn build. 32x48x14.
-Swapping the engine in the 76 Gran Torino once the Charger is back on the road, which should be real soon.
-Once the garage is up I'll start my A-Team project, followed by the Delorean, KITT, and transforming the Ford in the Starsky and Hutch car. In no particular order.

Also building a 1/8 scale KITT, a 30+ inch Millennium Falcon, and some 3D printed stuff.

My main goal is to not die before I have at least half of my projects done!