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Charger Discussion / Re: looking for location for a...
Last post by 70 sublime - Yesterday at 10:52:55 PM
Not sure what you are asking

You want to know where to get the parts from or asking where does everything go ?
Charger Discussion / looking for location for all t...
Last post by jerry - Yesterday at 10:13:29 PM
69 charger floor and door plugs.
Aero Cars / Re: Gean Gregory...
Last post by Unwind - Yesterday at 09:21:16 PM
I had the pleasure of meeting Gene in 2002.  I purchased a cone for my car in 2000....

As it went , I could not get a trucking company to pick and deliver to me in Canada after it was finished....without paying some exorbitant fees or "we won't go there..". 

I would call Gene with updates after it was built and at one point I mentioned I was somewhat concerned about what would happen if he died with my cone still sitting in his shop?  His response ..."no need to worry - my daughter knows about the hassles you are having. If I'm dead she will take care of you. It is tucked away in a safe spot in a very sturdy shipping crate and whenever things happen it is ready to ship". 

I went to Kansas City in 2002 with my Dad for an Airflow Club of America meet.  Took an afternoon to blast over to Alhambra and get my cone. 

Gene was very gracious in showing me what he did and how he did it.  Molds for elastomeric bumpers etc and the bumpers he had in stock to make those as well as pieces to make shaker hoods and scoops. The stack  of approximately 20 non-shaker Barracuda hoods leaning against a wall still remains vivid in my head. It was a cool 2 hours with Gene.

He did have an interesting gig...
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Charger Discussion / Re: Add youtube Charger resto...
Last post by scatpack69 - Yesterday at 11:47:59 AM

My channel....I'm on a low budget
Charger Discussion / Re: 70 Charger XS29V0G189281 f...
Last post by F8-4life - September 19, 2023, 05:30:39 PM
Listing ended early. Car looks rusty. Probably sold somewhere between 25-30k outside of ebay.
Thanks for the advice!  :cheers:
Car Guys Discussion / Re: 426 Hemi Chicks Other Mopa...
Last post by 426HemiChick - September 19, 2023, 12:05:41 AM
Quote from: Q5XX29 on September 17, 2023, 10:38:20 PMThat's a great-looking Mustang! Congrats to her, and may you both enjoy it in good health.

Hi Clint,          18 September 2023

Thanks, Dena appreciates your comment.

Looks like Dena may end up on a jury for a murder case, a long drawn out affair. I hope they get the jury seated before they call her.

I no more than registered to vote and I got a Jury call. I called them and requested to be removed from the pool, which one can do at my age. They also don't want ex-cops on juries so no point in going down just to be sent home.

The knees are coming along fine. Have my final appointment with my knee surgeon this Wednesday just before rehab, which I am going to continue as long as they will allow me.

Thanks Amigo, do appreciate your input.
Best Always
Christine for the 426 Hemi Chicks
Parts & Accessories Wanted / Re: NOS 72-74 B-Body Bench Sea...
Last post by Chargerguy74 - September 18, 2023, 09:22:35 PM
Back to the top please
Parts & Accessories Wanted / Re: 74 Charger Gold Gradated S...
Last post by Chargerguy74 - September 18, 2023, 09:21:26 PM
Still looking, nothing yet.