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Charger Discussion / Re: Galen Govier - What Gives?
Last post by Kern Dog - Today at 01:29:57 AM
This friggin guy....
A few weeks back, he joined FABO using the screen name The Frenchman.
Come on....does anyone like the French?
In my experience, French people have been thought of as snobby, arrogant, condescending and rude.
Seems to fit the persona of that guy anyway.
He was met with a bunch of greetings from members with either short or NO memories of his reputation.
I had to comment though....
He had a reputation of being fast to take money for his services but S-L-O-W to deliver. He was known to go up to cars at shows and without permission, open hoods to see fender tags, move stuff off dashboards to see VINs, open doors to see VIN tags, etc.
As I've said before, I'd take great pleasure in delivering a swift kick to the ass of anyone I catch opening the hood of my car.
Movies and TV Shows / Re: Turning a 2000 Mercury int...
Last post by Kern Dog - Today at 01:22:42 AM
I find it amazing that this idea was discovered.
I'd love to know the backstory on the first person to do this. It must have been a matter of learning that the wheelbase was close and then add in some beer, a few dares from your buddies, maybe a couple of UNrestorable Chargers to use for parts and BOOM...Stunt car!
Movies and TV Shows / Re: Eat My Dust - With Ron How...
Last post by Kern Dog - Today at 01:20:06 AM
I think the build quality and paint jobs for new vehicles back then was nowhere near as good as today's cars.
I was watching Bullitt the other day and the Mustang looked dull in several spots. The Charger was a repainted medium blue metallic so it actually seemed to look okay.
Movies and TV Shows / Re: corvette summer
Last post by Kern Dog - Today at 01:16:22 AM
I remember seeing that long ago. I think that I saw it on HBO for the first time. Back in the 70s and 80s, HBO was a single channel and they'd replay the movies dozens of times a month. This is one movie that I have probably seen 20 times. It was a fun movie.
The bad guy in the Firebird...I remember noticing that the hood on it was a hybrid between a Formula and a Trans Am.
Off Topic Discussion / Re: CANT SEE PHOTOS???
Last post by Kern Dog - Today at 12:52:50 AM
Can you see THIS one?

Off Topic Discussion / Re: TV shows that you've BINGE...
Last post by Kern Dog - Today at 12:38:45 AM
Lately, we have been watching Boardwalk Empire.
It is next to impossible to accept Steve Buscemi as a Gangster that scores all the chicks.
I like the guy, he is a great actor but that face!

I likes the Sopranos. After watching the series a second or third time, I realized just what a piece of shit that Tony was. I liked the flamboyant style of Paulie Walnuts though.
Charger Discussion / Re: '74 SE Brougham
Last post by hemigeno - Yesterday at 10:42:31 PM
I am skeptical of a standard market insurance company providing Agreed Value coverage.  It's fine if you never have a claim, but I've heard several horror stories of finding out the hard way that coverage is anything BUT agreed value. 

There used to be competitors to Hagerty out there, but that may not be the case anymore.  I would personally gravitate to a company that speaks MuscleCar.


Off Topic Discussion / Re: Forums seem dead
Last post by Kern Dog - Yesterday at 09:31:15 PM
If THAT is your only contribution to the site ^^^^ Logging on to be the usual rabble rouser, why would anyone want to read or post here? You follow me around like a lovestruck stalker. This isn't healthy, man.
Your reading comprehension is poor because of your delusional condition.
I seriously doubt that anyone called you and asked you to come here and follow me just to make comments that are neither accurate nor needed.
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Charger Discussion / Re: '74 SE Brougham
Last post by Gold Rush - Yesterday at 03:00:19 PM
Thanks for the inputs.  I have had Hagerty coverage for the past seven years.  Last year when I first actually registered it for street use, I increase the value from $8K to $18K, the price shot up a LOT (more than triple what it had been)!  This year, wanting to add agreed value anywhere close to actual value, it almost doubled again.

I got the appraisal done, then When I talked with Hagerty customer service folks I was told that they never claim to be the cheapest but are the best...