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Six Pack Fiberglass Hood...What type of Primer to use

Started by 1971SE440, February 26, 2006, 11:50:53 PM

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I have a Six Pack fiberglass hood for my 1971 Charger that I'm painting with PPG Duracyrl (Organosol) which I purchased from YearOne and is a LACQUER paint.

Does any one know what kind of primer to use with this paint? I'm very confused. My invoice from YearOne states to use a "water based" primer. My PPG store does not carry any water based primers. When I called tech support at YearOne they said to use a epoxy primer. My PPG store sells an epoxy primer and they say I can not sand it. 

I have only painted using lacquer based I would like to use the Duracryl. Thanks.

Drop Top

What are you wanting to do with the primmer after you shoot it? The primmer that your PPG store is trying to sell you is a non-sanding primmer. That doesn't mean that you can't sand it. It just means that you don't have to sand it. But if it sits longer then the intended period of time, you will have to sand it or the paint will not stick to the hood. If they are selling you their DPLF line of sealers. They are (in my opinion) the best on the market today. After it drys to the touch, if any dirt gets in it, you can wipe out the dirt with a piece of sand paper before you shoot the paint.

If all you want to do with the primmer is use it as a sealer before painting the hood. Then, shoot the sealer and Wait 10 to15 mins. Then paint the hood. If your going to do some blocking and body work then you will need a differant type of primmer all together.


I need a primer I can spray and then do some blocking.

blade trinity

Are you putting the scoop on a steel hood? Every one I have seen, including my own ends up with paint cracking. Is there some trick out there that I can  fix this problem?


The hood and the scoop are fiberglass. It uses the stock hood hinges minus the springs in the back and hood pins in the front. I will post a photo when I get home today after work.


Here is the fiberglass hood and my Charger. I'm also painting the rear window louvers the same color as the hood and front and rear spoilers.

Drop Top

Do the hood the same way you would do any other body part on your car. I don't know what your local PPG store sells. But PPG's blocking primmer (all though it is pricey) is a very good high build primmer and goes farther then most others that sell much cheaper. In cases like primmer and paint you normally get what you pay for. Generally speaking. The only time you need to treat the hood in a way other then metal is when you are repairing it.