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Author Topic: How to Keep Hood Insulation off Air Cleaner  (Read 733 times)
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« on: March 07, 2015, 07:42:42 AM »

Backstory:  I decided to try hood insulation and thought I had enough clearance to keep from scratching the air cleaner.  I even checked with putty and thought I had about 1/4 inch clearance.  After one drive, I can tell that I don't.  I managed to drop the air cleaner almost another 1/4inch by changing the gasket, but am pretty sure this won't completely solve the problem.  I have been exploring the possibility of making a little cap for the top of the air cleaner stud, (to hold the insulation up a little).  I made a prototype out of an inverted freeze plug (round edges, easy to polish).

Has anyone tried anything like this and succeeded?  I am concerned it will just bore a hole in the hood pad.

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