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How do you take rear window crome trim off of 68 charger?

Started by javakmcharger68, August 09, 2005, 05:16:28 PM

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Don't want to break it so can anyone help me out. Never done it before so I don't have a clue. What way do you pull them off, & from where do you start. Thanks again 


There are special tools that allow you to unsnap the trim from the clips. With the price of a set a trim I would advise paying a good trim shop to remove it for you. Just my  :Twocents:

Drop Top

You can buy a really expensive one from Mac or Snap-On. They work great and feel comfortable in your hands. Or you can buy a cheap one from your local  Paint supply store for about $5.00. Works just as good but not as comfortable. I chose the cheap one and I've had it over 10 years and used it allot.

Start at the top corner. Insert it in-between the trim and the glass. Move the tool down. You will hit a clip. Hook the clip with the tool and pry the handle towards the top of the car. While doing this pull the trim towards you. It should come loose and then you move on two the next one and work all the way around the glass.
If your luck no one has filled the area underneath the trim with silicone. If someone has done this its going to be tuft to get out. You may need a razor blade or sharp knife to cut it loose.


Thanks Drop Top. That reply was just what I was looking for. Now I know exactly what I am getting into. Thanks again.


If your really really lucky, it could just be held in there by time!
I just had to blow and all the clips were rusted out...
making me wonder how the back glass stayed in for the eight hour drive ;D

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Is the trim removal tool generic, will it work on all 66-74 Chargers?  Can anyone provide a pic of the tool and the clips after trim removal?

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Drop Top

Sorry, I can't help you out with the pics department. But, it will work on all makes and models. Except for the type that is actually inside the rubber. But that wont concern you. That is on ford products.


I pulled the rear window out of my 72 Charger last winter. Not sure if the clips are the same. As D/T said pull up on the trim piece with one hand when you pull on the clip with the tool. Someone had filled behind the bottom trim piece with about 3 tubes of caulking in a rookie attempt to fix the leak so the trim was stuck to the window in several spots.
First pic is the removal tool, second is the old clips, third is the new clips.
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Captain Mopar

One thing you do need to be aware of, is when you go to pry the clip towards the glass, make sure you're not missing the clip, and prying against the edge of the glass, or BOOM!!  Time for a new back glass.  Know what I mean?

That trim tool is good for all the chargers. 
There is also another type that has the look of an arrowhead which is cheaper and works aweome.  This might be the one drop top is talking about.

Captain Mopar

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Excellent pic's thanx!  Just to clarify, with the tool illustrated above, you would be using one of the hooks to pull directly on the clip?  The clip should remain attached to the trim, but the clip will detach from the vehicle?

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Drop Top

The picture is of the more expensive one. Yes, you would be using just one of the hooks at a time. The one that looks like an arrow head is the cheaper one. They both work just as well as the other.

The clips stay on the car until the glass comes out. At least there supposed to. After the glass comes out then the clips will come out much easier.Don't forget to put them back in before you install the glass. You'll never get them in otherwise.