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Pee stained jeans

Started by taxspeaker, January 04, 2016, 08:58:27 PM

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Well we were sitting around the shop early morning New Year's Eve with nothing to do. Getting all 3 of the old Plymouths detailed for our first ever car show with all of them at Carl Casper in Louisville over February 19-21 with all of them running and in great shape. The Superbird is still running and we cleaned it up from the Alaska trip and will send it up to Mark at Magnum Restorations right after the show. The AAR Cuda is actually going to be entered for judging (with the resulting disappointment from being in Mustang/Chevelle territory) since we finally finished the interior restoration this last fall. And our "new" 65 Barracuda is getting the paint job finished up as we speak after months redoing the engine and interior.

One of the guys that works with us was on Craigslist and said what about a Dodge Viper? I said 2 things-I always thought they were rich boy toys (Jealousy at its ugliest!) and that since I couldn't afford one they must really be for those guys that wear Ascot scarfs, berets and bow ties. He said "What do you think a 94 in perfect shape with 42,000 miles is worth and I said I don't know-$30 or $40,000? And I wouldn't have a clue on working on it in any event. Next thing I know he is calling the guy and asking for his best cash price. Next thing I know is he says can you come up with $20,000 cash because the guy needs the money and will sell it for that if you can get it tomorrow. Next thing you know my wife approves, we get to the bank before they close New Year's Eve and get the cash and on New Year's Day get a clean title, VIN-matched Viper in excellent condition.

Now I don't know how to work on it, I'm scared of breaking something and when I drove it yesterday I had to change my underwear but damn, is it something. I was looking for Mustangs and Vettes to beat up on, and then my wife said I was acting like a demented old fool with Alzheimers. I told her at my age the thrill of the car was better than sex, and I couldn't remember sex anyway, and with the pee dribbling down my leg from the Prostate it was a hell of a lot more fun anyway. And I could finally put that box of adult pampers to use when I drove this car. Bring on the ricers!

Anyway, tell me I am a fool, but an old alive fool is still alive! Come see us next month at Carl Casper show in Louisville. I will be the guy with the s***-eating grin wearing pee stained jeans standing between the Alaska Highway Superbird and a Viper! Happy New Year!



I've always wanted one. Well bought!
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Beautiful Viper!  They would not be able to wipe that s#*t-eating grin off my face either!   Congrats, it was very well bought!


Some people have all the luck.  Congrats on the purchase and enjoy the ride.  Are those jeans froze solid yet?


Nice score, congrats! :cheers:
Do I spot spare tires for it on the wall?


Yep the 20k included a complete set of extra original wheels/tire, a hard top, a soft top and a car cover. Not sure if it was a good price or not, but I sure like the car and it was as described to me in excellent shape. Hagerty's insured it for $333 but told my son he can't drive until he turns 30 in April! He is not happy, but I'm not too upset!


Where do I hit a "like" button?!
That is sweet!