Daytona Hood Safety Latch & Hood Pop Up Spring?

Started by 43fan, April 20, 2016, 12:03:37 PM

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I have a buddy that just purchased a Daytona and is going to restore it this fall. Does anyone have a pic of the correct hood safety latch and (if it even had) a pop up hood spring? The safety latch on the car now doesn't have a "paddle" on the latch. So,  when you reach in to pull the latch, you have to hook it with your finger and pull it forward to release. Normally, you would slip your hand in, palm up, and lift up slightly to release. I've seen both types on different Daytonas. Which is correct? Also, did they use the "pop up" spring mounted to the tray like the Superbirds? Thanks. 


Sounds like the correct (pain in the butt) hood latch


Quote from: 43fan on April 20, 2016, 12:03:37 PM
.. Also, did they use the "pop up" spring mounted to the tray like the Superbirds? Thanks.  

No, no spring.... Superbird development had its lesson's learned from the Daytona, one needs a spring. But, you'll have to use one's finger tips....
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Thanks guys appreciate (ugh) the info! I have a bird, so I'm the lucky one in this situation!!


really??? the superbird doesn't have the pop up spring?. Then why am I waisting my time looking for those stupid little wire clamps that hold down the pop up springs on all the other birds ive ever seen??  :brickwall:


Hey Double Dork, read the thread again.  No spring for Daytonas, YES for Superbird!
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No paddle on latch for daytona & no spring for daytona. ;D
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