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Author Topic: CRANE Cams  (Read 1021 times)
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« on: May 03, 2016, 01:48:09 PM »

Dunno if this fits in here or not ?
We build a TON of Comp/Drag/and Street Engines, nonetheless, this being a Street enthusiast type car Site.... I only ever post the odd "street" type pump gas Engines over in the "Proven Combos" section as the best fit here ? and those I post up there can be using anybody's Camshafts

But make no mistake with what I am about to say.....
if ever there was a "tip" I can pass along, regarding the more let's just say "proprietary" higher powered stuff in Camshafts we do ?
it would be CRANE CAMS !

This is no slight against anybody else's Cams in their own right... we use Bullet, Comp, Lunati, Hughes... ALL of them !
Just say'in...
even more recently for some of the pump gas street engines we've done.... CRANE has been knocking it out of the park for us !
We DYNO Everything we do, and by far of late we're finding the Crane "custom" grinds are far superior in terms of Torque, HP, and rpm stability in BB Mopars even in Hydraulic Rollers which has shocked the Crap out of me !
We haven't tried any of their "off the shelf"  grinds so I can't comment on those... but I am giving their " custom"  grinds they've done us the  2thumbs

I would encourage anyone contemplating an HR Cam in a BB Mopar, to do 2 things:
* Check your Lifter Bores to make sure they are good
* Call Crane about a custom HR Grind for your application(these guys are the shiat). Buy the whole pkg., Cam, Lifters AND Rec V/Springs !
It may cost a few bucks more.... but long term you won't be sorry. 2thumbs

Bob @ rmp

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