Trade 99 Viper GTS for ‘68 Charger Big Block

Started by JackKeane, July 21, 2018, 08:29:23 PM

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Hey guys I don't think this will really end up going anywhere but I thought I'd post it on this site. All info in the link.

Mytur Binsdirti


Yup! Vastly different cars and I'm looking for something very specific so I'm not surprised. I did get an offer for a 70 Coronet R/T but it's not for me. I should be in the position to buy a Charger outright and keep the Viper in 2019. Still hoping to meet up with some 68 guys but my schedule has been absolutely insane this year!


Sent you a PM. I know it's been a bit ago when you were looking



Still open to this idea.

My car: 1999 Viper GTS Black, stripe delete, with Connelly (peanut butter) leather. 27K Miles. First year for black on a GTS and last year for the fully forged factory engine. One of 76 in this color combination.

Looking for: 1968 Charger that is an original big block 4 speed car in BB1 GG1 or EE1.
I don't care if it's matching numbers anything but want something with documentation. Fender tag, build sheet, and rad support/rear fender stampings. R/T a huge plus but a 383 is ok and more realistic. Will consider trading up or down (based on condition and options). If it's a 383 car I'd prefer something in very good condition both cosmetically and mechanically. If it's a real R/T 4 Speed I'd take something that needs work of course. I'm really not interested in anything else of similar value.... even 69s or 70s (no offense to anyone I just prefer the 68).

I still think this won't go anywhere but it's worth a try. I know it would be easier to sell my car and then search for a Charger to buy.... BUT I don't necessarily want to sell the Viper. I love the Viper and wanted this exact color/year combo I have now. However, the only other car I'd rather have is a dark colored 1968 Charger big block 4 speed car. I watch the market constantly and I rarely see Chargers I'd have any real interest in come available for sale. I don't want to sell the Viper and be carless for a year or two while searching for a Charger that would suit me. Someday I'll be at a point (I'm only in my 30s)  where I can keep the Viper and add the Charger to the garage but I'm not there yet. I have decided I'd rather have the Charger now and search for the Viper again in the future though if an opportunity presented itself. Hopefully that will help make sense of my long shot trade offer to anyone reading!!



Still would be interested in this trade if anything's out there.


Interesting...after I sold my '70 last year I was actually looking at Vipers...Bought another '70

Good Luck!


Thanks! I'm hoping to purchase one soon enough. Ideally I'd love to keep the Viper and the Charger next to each other but I'd certainly trade for that "special" car.