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Paint for tail light area...?

Started by limey, May 06, 2006, 02:56:00 AM

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Hi guys just bought a new Charger..(see general discussion thread..) I don't know if its best to post this here or under electrical...but here goes..
The rear tail linght lenses sit in a kinda plastic bucket like trim.
This piece does not seem to be available as replacement, and on my car has faded quite a bit - noticeably when up close..

I was wondering was the original colour for this, black or dark grey? also what finish? Matt, Satin or Gloss?
Lastly what would you guys recommend for painting on plastic? I was thinking a satin black on top of some plastic primer either airbrushed or straight out of the aerosol.
Any thoughts?
Cheers, Limey.
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Silver R/T

for black I used satin black, for silver you can use argent silver

1968 silver/black/red striped R/T
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The original color for the light buckets and the tailpanel itself is satin black, also called semi flat. You can just wetsand the panel and buckets with a grit 1000-1200 so it's supersmooth, no need for a primer if the paint is still good and you don't sand trough to much.If the texture changes you'll need a primer.You sure they're plastic? I know my 68 is at this time not much more than a faint memory but I'm pretty sure it's metal.
I'd also check with a good bodyshop, they can fix it for a small price, especially if you take it apart yourself on their parking lot  :icon_smile_big:
It's just that the paints they use are a bit more sturdy that what you get from a can but either way it's an easy and inexpensive job, I sure do hope you'll black out the tailpanel as well but it's your car !