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Wire routing for Hood Mounted Blinkers

Started by john108, June 19, 2021, 06:06:11 PM

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1968 Dodge Charger
I am installing the Hood Mounted Blinkers (directionals).
2 Pictures enclosed.
The underside of the hood shows 2 channels (Black Line).
Also identified are 2 Round Holes as well as where the lights are mounted (each end of the Black Line)

The second picture is of the wires.
I think that the 2 long wires each go into a channel with the Black line.

My question is: Does the section of wire between the 2 Black lines go in a channel or are they clipped to the underside of the Hood?
The wired have some push-pin type clips attached in that area.

I would appreciate if you can attach a picture showing information about your routing (exposed of hidden??) Not under insulation.

Thank You,

70 sublime

Yes the wires go down inside the hood and out the round holes at the bottom
The push pins then go into the short joiner wire that plugs into the car harness over by the brake booster
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70 sublime
So, the short joiner section DOES NOT slide into a passage inside the hood.
It just hangs external to the inner surface of the hood, with the push pins for support.
Thank You

Just 6T9 CHGR

How mine are routed out of the holes at the base of the hood....
Chris' '69 Charger R/T


Thank You.
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